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Ferrule printing machine
Insulator, Busbar, CT’s (Tape Wound & Resin Cast), Power Capacitor, HT current transformer, Potential transformer, Central & potential transformer, Moulded supports, SMC Bus bar Support & DMC Bus bar Support.
LM 390A is the latest version of Indomax’s Ferrule Printing machine from MAX Japan. Its built-in advantages of high speed marking, cutting depth adjustment, Easy access to direct PC and USB, large and backlit LCD display, heat-shrinkable tubes and economical refill-type ink ribbon make it a very sought after product among Industrial customers.
  MAX Letatwin LM390A is latest advance model  
  It has 4 in 1 features:
It can be used directly with the PC as a printer.
It can also be used through Pen Drive.
It can also be used manually.
Its internal memory is 100,000 (One Lakh) Characters.
A hard carrying case (which is fitted with foam cushions inside it) with the machine.
Display is wide and backlit
Speed is 35mm/sec very high
Tube from 2.5mm to 8.00 mm ID can be printed from our LM390A
Font size and density of printing can be changed..
Very much easy to operate.
You can print on PVC and Heat Shrinkable Tube and Self Adhesive Label with this machine