Our Products
Digital Temp, Controller, Timers, Counters, PID Controllers, Time Totalizer, Process Indicator, PLCs etc.
Pepperl & Fuchs
Capacitive Sensors + Inductive Sensors + Photoelectric Sensors, Rotary encoders + Ultrasonic Sensors + Industrial Vision Sensors + Safety Light grids & Safety Systems
Transducers + Shunts & CT+ Analog panel meters + Protective Trip Relays + Digital Multimeter + Clamp Meter + Insulation Testers + Earth Testers
Allen Bradley
Power Flex A.C Drives + Glass Relays + SSR + Power Supplies + Contactors + Over Load Relays + Safety light Curtain
Proximity Sensors + Photoelectric Sensors + Encoders + Temperature Indicators + Counters + Timers + Capacitive Sensors
Mean Well Power Supply Stockiest
Delta Drives
Capacitor + Current Transformer + Bus Bar Sport + Insulator
Trinity Touch
This series of DIN Rail is for industrial application according to the standard EN 60715 with third generation of Cr3 +Passivation (TDR3-Series) for improved corrosion resistance and SST stability of 350Hrs. It has an advantage of being fluoride free, organic acid free and has a low metal concentration.
Electronic Ferrule Printing Machines and Label & Sign Printing Machine , Consumables from MAX Co. Ltd, Japan are the main products offered by INDOMAX.
Speed sensors, MICRO SWITCH™ medium-duty limit switches, Limit switches, Pressure Sensors, Humidity Sensors, Pressure Transducers
Alarm Annunciator, Protection relays, Electronic Hooter