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Print Mark Sensors
Print Mark Sensors:
This is designed for sensing Registration Mark. It continuously scans the presence of registration mark on the moving packaging film. The electronic circuitry is capable of detecting any colours on any background colour. The scanning rate is as high as 2000 packages / minute making it suitable for any type of packaging machine including candy packing machine.
A modulated, Green LED is focused on the moving packaging film. A highly sensitive Photo cell continuously accepts the reflections from the film (paper / plastic) and sends the signals to the electronic scanning circuit. On scanning the presence of Registration Mark; it gives transistorized output.
A logic controller is also provided which accepts signals from scanning head & other Proximity Sensors to keep correct pouch / bag length by driving correction motor (110V AC, 4 wire) or (230VAC, 3 wire).
  1. Fully solid state thus making it a totally reliable.
  2. Immune to external light source, electrical interference.
  3. A selector switch provided to choose Dark switching or light switching.
  4. High speed switching i.e. 2000 marks / min.
  5. Detection of different contrast sheds by means of sensitivity pot provision.
Forward reverse logic controllers
Forward Controllers are used in packaging machine along with Print Mark Sensors to control clutch break mechanism. Forward / Reverse Logic Controllers - In most of the FFS (Form Fill Seal) machines, Forward/ Reverse Logic Controllers are used to keep correct pouch / bag length by driving correction motor (110 VAC, 4 wire) or (230 VAC, 3 wire)
Digital Forward/Reverse Controllers are with built in Production Counter & Speed Indicator makes these Controllers most cost effective. Available with us is an extensive range of Digital Forward/Reverse Controllers that are acknowledged for their attributes of flawless advance design and perfection in functionality. These qualitative forward controllers come with built in Production Counter & Speed Indicator, that make these controllers cost effective.