Our Products
General Purpose Relays offer reliable design, quick replacements and panel space-saving solutions for common relay control applications.


700-HA Tube Base

Bulletin 700-HA Tube Base Relays are general purpose relays ideally suited for applications with machine tool, pulp and paper, and transportation OEMs.


700-HB Square Base

Bulletin 700-HB Square Base Relays are designed for HVAC, elevator, and automotive industry applications. Two types of sockets are available; the IEC closed terminal version and the NEMA open terminal version.


700-HC Miniature "Ice Cube"

Bulletin 700-HC Miniature Square Base Relays are 4-pole plug-in relays for your low-energy switching applications.


700-HD Flange Mount Square Base

Bulletin 700-HD Flange Mount Square Base Relays feature blade-style quick connect terminals.


700-HF Miniature Square Base

Bulletin 700-HF Miniature Square Base Relays are ideal for automotive applications.


700-HG Power Relay

Bulletin 700-HG Power Relays are suitable for switching DC loads. Our relays are available with an optional magnetic blowout for arc suppression, enabling switching of even higher current DC circuits.


700-HHF Flange Mount Power

Bulletin 700-HHF Flange-Mounted Power Relays are small-sized general purpose relays that switch large loads.


700-HJ Magnetic Latching

Bulletin 700-HJ Magnetic Latching Relays control lighting loads or continuous duty applications to save energy.


700-HK Slim Line

Bulletin 700-HK Slim Line General Purpose Relays are ideal for a variety of high-density isolation and interposing applications.


700-HL Terminal Block Style

Bulletin 700-HL Terminal Block Relays work in a variety of high-density isolation and interposing applications. The thin per-pole interface (6.2 mm wide) and quick connections help reduce installation costs. Optional leakage current suppression circuit design addresses nuisance coil turn-on or contact non-drop-out concerns for TRIAC controller outputs. The spring-clamp terminal base option is ideal for applications that are subject to vibration.


700-HP PCB Pin Style

Bulletin 700-HP Relays are general purpose relays with plug-in PIN-style printed circuit board (PCB) terminals.


700-HTA Alternating

Bulletin 700-HTA Alternating Relays serve as interposing relays between your controller and field devices. The alternating feature lets you select the primary or secondary load or to alternate between the two. You can use these relays in applications with pumps, compressors, air conditioning, and refrigeration units.