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Switched Mode Power Supplies (SMPS)
Bulletin 1606 switched mode power supplies includes four product families that meet most worldwide single and three-phase application requirements. These units are designed and manufactured to accept wide ranges of both AC and DC input voltages and are tested to meet global safety standards.
1606-XL Standard  
Bulletin 1606-XL Standard Switched Mode Power Supplies enhance the safety and reliability of your industrial applications. The wide power range and feature set supports most application demands. This line carries CE, cULus, and cURus approvals to meet the most stringent EMC standards.
1606-XLE Essential  
Bulletin 1606-XLE Essential Switched Mode Power Supplies have a simple design and offer high performing, ultra slim models with the most basic feature set. These products contain the essential features for long service life and high reliability. This line is ideal if you are interested in a cost-effective solution to power your operations.
1606-XLP Compact  
Bulletin 1606-XLP Compact Switched Mode Power Supplies are an excellent choice when saving critical space is one of your main objectives. These devices are equipped with many of the same features and certifications as the XL devices and support low-power applications.
1606-XLS Performance
Bulletin 1606-XLS Performance Switched Mode Power Supplies use a technology that significantly reduces unit size yet delivers a 150% power boost. Sleek and compact, these highly efficient devices have enough reserve curre